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Lest We Forget....

Updated Friday, November 4, 2011  ::  Views (4064)


    Today I went downtown Galt to the cenotaph for the Rememberance Day ceremony.  Every year I am happy to see lots of people of all ages standing there paying their respects.  Growing up with both my paternal Grandparents having served in WWII, I heard stories of their times in the war and saw my Grandfather's war wounds on his arm.  Grandpa didn't talk much about the war, but I did know how he got the large scar on his arm, a reminder to all who saw it of the war and what my Grandfather had done. 

  On the other side of  my family, my maternal Grandfather was not sent to war because he was a farmer and was needed at home to feed the people.   War had still touched this side of the family.  My Grandfather's Uncle, Second-Lieutenant Willis Porter, was part of the Royal Flying Corps in WWI. He was a young man who went and signed himself up to join the war in April of 1916. Before he left for war, he was a Chiropractor who had be accepted to medical school at the University of Toronto and had intended on becoming a Doctor on his return.  Instead, he faught for our country and ended up giving the ultimate sacrifice when he died on March 24th, 1918 when his plane was shot down.  He was only 25 years old.

He died less than a year after my Grandfather's birth, however the legend of Uncle Willis and the family pride we all have for him has lived on for over 90 years.  I hope that pride will continue to last for generations to come.  Many Canadian families have been touched by the wars.  May these stories passed down from our parents, Grandparents and Great-Grandparents live on as these stories are truths that should not be forgotten.  It is a great source of awe and respect knowing what these men and women have done for us. It is important to pay our respects for those who faught and especially to those who gave their lives.  Lest We Forget.



Uncle Willis

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